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Dreaming is the first act of all living things - even if you don't Think so, definitely you will Realize this truth sometime in life.


Think:  If Thinking start following a dream, then your journey starts to explore. Thinking is like a sharp edged knife. It can either damage or create.       Empathy  makes Thinking as a positive act. 


Realize:  It's  not the end of the Journey of Thinking, but can be said as the breaking point.    A break to relax to continue the journey of Dreaming & Thinking or to stay there for undefined time.



Currently doing projects in Chennai and Rameswaram on Marine Plastics.

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Design Thinking

Life is first about  Thinking;  
Thinking is not just "+ve" "-ve"
It is multi threading and  infinite nesting "

You must know how to weave your thoughts with your dream to realize in the most peaceful manner.



Governance is the key for everything. Education need redefinition to Govern better


Stories ( in Tamil )

Between Dreams & Stories , Thinking blossoms. We do Scripting, Script doctoring, dialogue & Lyric writing  


SONGS ( In Tamil )

Realizing our first album by mid of 2022. Dedicated to the eternal Love of All.



Started a Movie Project ( Tamil ).
Launching date will be announced soon.

Worked in Indian Film Industry, in super hit films of  top notch directors,  Trained @ United States in Media Field, Govind Karup provides services  in Script writing & doctoring, Dialogue and Lyric Writing, Movie Making in Various Platforms. Below are our YT videos for our future clients.


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