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Dreaming is the first act of all living things - even if you don't Think so, definitely you will Realize this truth sometime in life.


Think:  If Thinking start following a dream, then your journey starts to explore. Thinking is like a sharp edged knife. It can either damage or create.       Empathy  makes Thinking as a positive act. 


Realize:  It's  not the end of the Journey of Thinking, but can be said as the breaking point.    A break to relax to continue the journey of Dreaming & Thinking or to stay there for undefined time.


Stories ( in Tamil )

Between Dreams & Stories , Thinking blossoms. We do Scripting, Script doctoring, dialogue & Lyric writing  


SONGS ( In Tamil )

Realizing our first album by Feb 14 , 2022. Dedicated to the eternal Love of All.



Started a Movie Project ( Tamil ).
Launching date will be announced soon.

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Design Thinking

Life is all about Thinking ;  
Thinking is not just "+ve" "-ve"
It is multi threading and  infinite nesting "

You must know how to weave your thoughts with your dream to realize in the most peaceful manner.

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Worked in Indian Film Industry, in super hit films of  top notch directors,  Trained @ United States in Media Field, Govind Karup provides services  in Script writing & doctoring, Dialogue and Lyric Writing, Movie Making in Various Platforms. Below are our YT videos for our future clients.


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