• Govind Karup

15 AUG 2019 - Independence to our thoughts

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Life is all about having fun with whatever comes in our way, like walking in a flowing stream. This is new era for all of us. When we had a failure in Feb 2019, few screamed and few maintained silence , kept calm but continue stay with focus. All we realized is , we fell as - a rain drop a light streak of a sun

a seed from a tree That's the moment we realized what's within us. and we nurtured our dream with will power and supporting each other with patience. NOW , we have launched PLOCEIDAE. , family of birds weaves with passion. we are technology weavers. Knowledge, Experience, Intelligence, and humanity will be weaved aesthetically to have a peaceful and fun-full ambiance around. Our area of focus :: ESG / Psychological Governance Design Thinking Startup world as solution providers thru latest technology. We apply technology with humanity to find NOT just right but compassion.

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